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Direct Anteriors & Posteriors & Indirect Posteriors

Course in english


• Anterior teeth anatomy
• Optical properties of teeth and composites
• Analyzing a composite system
• Custom shade guide
• Silicone indexes: palatal and sagittal

• Posterior convex matrices for anterior purposes

• Essential tools for direct anteriors
• Tooth preparation for anterior restorations

• Layering techniques (simplified, hybrid and complex)

• Stains for anteriors

• Finishing, polishing

• How to handle and manage failures
• Class V and NCCL
• Direct restorations on endo-treated teeth: tips

• Central incisor completely layered in composite
• Class III, V and IV on model


• Shape and anatomy of posterior teeth
• Direct or indirect? Decision making process
• Class I and II
• Preparation principles in posteriors

• Layering techniques in posteriors (simplified, hybrid, complex)
• Shall we use GIC or CaOH2 bases?
• Shall we use flow?
• How to achieve a good contact point.
• Low viscosity and high viscosity bulk fill materials.
• Finishing and polishing direct posteriors
• Silicon indexes in posteriors
• Occlusal adjustments

• Class I and II on models and/or on natural teeth


• Direct restorations vs inlays
• Cavities and build-up
• Preparing for onlays and overlays
• Sub-gingival margins?
• Margin relocation
• Crown lenghtening
• Temporary margin exposure
• Impression materials
• Impression: optical and traditional.
• Occlusal relationship
• Temporarization
• Which material? Composite? Lithium Disilicate? Hybrid materials?

• Onlay and Overlay preparation and cementation

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