3SSENTIAL, the WeRestore.it KIT

The 3SSENTIAL Kit is a simplified (BLACK LINE) kit with a selection of all the composite instruments needed to model composites in anteriors and posteriors according to our approach. Just 3 instruments for all! The HU-Friedy company realized our collection making it possible for everybody to use our procedures worldwide. (N.B.: WeRestore.it gets NO royalties for this KIT). Posterior and Spatula use are also well documented in our book.

(For the ones interested, HU-Friedy codes: Spatula CVKOT1X, Posterior TNEXBKR1X, Anterior TNCIPAOX, complete set + cassette RESTOREITDIN)

Anterior, tip #1

It allows you to apply composite…


… to model and spread composite like a brush. We like to call it the “solid brush”…

… to model composite in Class V restorations…

Anterior, tip #2

Used to define mamelons in dentin body

Posterior, tip #1

To sculpt and model composite in additive and subtractive modeling techniques.

Posterior, tip #2



To plug composite into the cavity…

… for the centripetal build-up technique (building interproximal wall to move from a class II to a class I).

Spatula, tip #1 & #2

Thin and cutting, a spatula to take composite, to apply it, in anteriors, in posteriors (to model in class II during the centripetal build-up technique.